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    Default brown flux on weld with 7018?

    I'm kinda new to welding. I was just wonder if getting a brownish color on the flux coating the weld was normal? I have only ran 6011 and 7018 so far. With the 6011s I get kinda a glossy black flux over it. I also only get this brown flux when I make a easy bead down the metal, when I try to do vertical or any thing I can't get that brown flux. The brown flux chips very easy. So do 7018 rods lay brown flux when you run a nice bead at the right heat? Or what does this brown flux mean, any help is welcome. Thanks for you time.

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    Default brown flux on weld with 7018?

    yes it's normal.....

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    The shiny flux you have after welding is silicon that has melted and risen to the top (think glass). It serves a couple purposes, nothing to worry about as its normal to have it on the weld.
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    You will know when u get 7018 running right... you should be able to jus run your chipping hammer down the weld and whatever didnt fall off already will be very easy to knock off.

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    eventually you will get to where a 7018 will peel itself

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