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    Default Can I run a LN-9 on my XMT 304 CC/CV?

    I have an XMT 304 cc/cv. My 22A feeder was barrowed and won't return. I have an old Lincoln LN-9 of dads that only has 500 lbs. of dual shield through it. The R3R we used to run it on was sold so I want to know if I can put a 9 pin on my cord to run the LN-9 with my XMT 304 and Optima Pulse GMAW control. The LN-9 is 110 volt and the 22A was 28v I guess. The Gas valve is still on the LN-9 and it is110 Volt. I saw an add for Cords to hook Lincolns to Millers But lost track of it so I don't know if it will fit my application.

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    Sure: Pretty easy really.

    lincoln Miller
    9 pin 14 pin

    D I
    C G
    I K
    A A (you have a couple of choices here but this is easiest)
    B B (same as above)
    G E (The next 3 are your voltage control, you may have to change pots to a 1K)
    F C
    H D
    E would be a separate wire to your work piece

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    Default Thanks you 're a pro.

    You saved me to years ago you're one of the few who can walk the walk and back up your Talk. Thanks I appreciate it.

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