I did a 40' x 80' addition onto my existing shop, It is now time to pour the floor.
My question is how thick should I make it.

I will have semi trucks pulling inside, usually gravel trains for me to work on them which are empty, However I will also have the steel truck coming in to deliver once a week.

I bought 6 x 6 x 6GA wire mesh to put in the floor, I plan on using a 6 bag mix which is 4000psi concrete.

My hilo weighs 12,000 lbs plus the 7,000 lbs lift capacity which equalls 19,000 lbs. when fully loaded.

I now have the sand compacted for the fourth time, ( watered down between compactions over a weeks time ) so the concrete will be about 6-1/4" deep.
Keep in mind I'm using 6Ga. mesh verses the 10 ga.that is sold at the big box store.

So my question is will the 6-1/4" be OK or should I go 8" in the area that the semi will pull onto and leave the rest 6-1/4" thick.