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Thread: Hastelloy C-276

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    Default Hastelloy C-276

    I need to tig some hastelloy C-276 at work. We have a syncrowave 250. I have to weld a 4" pipe 1/8" wall to a 1" slip flange and a 3/8 blank on the other end.
    I'm good on stainless and ok on aluminum. From what I've read it welds kind of like a combination of both. I also need to weld some 316 angles for legs on it. I was going to order a pound of 3/32 C-276 filler. Anybody ever weld this stuff? Any suggestions on settings and techniques?

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    I've welded Hastelloy. It's nothing like aluminium at all. I'd say if anything it runs more like Inconel.

    One huge word of caution: take your time, do not rush. You want to do the absolute best job you know how to do. Hastelloy is extremely hard. I can't remember the exact Rockwell numbers but it's way up there. If you leave a repair it will be a very difficult job grinding out. If you choose to gouge out any repair you might leave, make sure you gouge it as smoothly and cleanly as you can as the gouging slag is also extremely hard.

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    My son did a good bit of welding on Inconel and some with Hastelloy. He said they behave somewhat like stainless, but sluggish. The Inconel could get a bit crusty and the Hastelly more so. So maybe that's where the mention of Aluminum comes in. Sort of a skin or oxide crud layer you have to poke through.

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    Check out this link... I've never welded Inconel or Hastelloy (that I know of) but from the folks I work around, they say it's not much different than Stainless, just a little bit more "gummy".

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