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    Default hobart 175 mig wire feed issue

    S/n: Lc042478

    Picked this unit up knowing she had problems.

    Figured it was the thermal / reset fuse ptc1 on the board.

    The drive motor tests at 6-8vdc on the low ipm setting and around 12-14 vdc on the highest imp setting.

    The problem is the motor becomes slower and slower until it eventually stops.

    If the motor has load, the slowing to zero ipm happens very quick.

    If the motor is without load, the slowing still occurs just at a longer time delay.

    Ptc1 thermal shows continuity when the motor stops.

    Vdc goes from normal 8-14vdc (depending on panel setting) to zero vdc.

    Gun switch still tests for continuity when drive motor stops.

    Motor shows no sign of excessive arcing inside of can.

    Thanks in advance for the help....
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    Usually when this happens it is the PTC1. YOu can test by either bypassing PTC1 temporarily to see if the trouble goes away or you can measure the DC voltage drop across the PTC1 while the motor is running. If the votage rises across PTC1 then it is opening up. This can be caused by a bad PTC1 or high motor current(under 2 amps).


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