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    Cool, that's where it belongs
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    Quote Originally Posted by ja baudin View Post
    First I drilled the holes through the mounts and then through the top. Used a countersink bit on the table top followed by using a flat head (countersink) bolt.

    Thanks for the comments, thanks for the advice too Monte.
    So basically you drilled the holes through the mounts and table so the bolt would go through and then using your coutersink bit, you drilled it in just deep enough to get the head of the bolt flush with the table?

    How much table thickness was left after you used the countersink bit?

    Where can I find "flat head" (countersink) bolts?

    Can you post a pic of your countersink bit? Whats the difference in just using a bit the size of the bolt head to get it flush with the table?

    I really like this idea since it allows almost any plate to be made flat. And changing out the plate would never be an issue (no welds to grind).

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    Also what size (ft x ft) table top did you settle on?

    Can you post a link to where you found your casters at?


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    I've never had the pleasure of shopping in a Texas hardware store but I would assume they are not so different from hardware stores here. Most any of them should be able to supply you with "countersink bolts" aka "flat head stove bolts" and if you think you need something stronger "flat head Allen Cap screws". The later is available in fine or coarse thread and are much stronger than stove bolts but I don't think a table top will really put much strain on the bolts unless you run into the table with the forklift.
    You can use a drill bit as large or larger than the maximum diameter of the bolt to countersink the heads in but it is advisable to match the taper on the drill bit cutting edge to the taper under the bolt head so the head will seat properly. A drill bit may also be more inclined to chatter but it certainly can be done. The plate thickness at the outer diameter of the head will be close to the total thickness of the plate and in that application it is probably more likely to snap the heads off the bolts than to pull them though the plate.
    I suppose you could also use pan head screws and a flat bottom milling cutter with a guide but the plate in the bottom of the hole would only be what's left after you account for the head thickness.

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    Table is 4x4, casters found at Tractor Supply. Thanks for the explanation Meltedmetal. Ja

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