Hey guys been a while since ive been on here, Life got crazy and had to take a break. But IM BACK BABY! Hahahahah My question is, Does anyone know a good spot to find parts for the mid 90s Trailblazer 250g's BESIDES ebay? I have 3 of these machines and want to use em all but one has a bad motor and the donor i bought really isnt that bad of shape but its got an burnt armature i believe. (this is what the previous owner told me) I really havent torn into it being that im looking to just use the motor and perhaps all the spare parts but if i can fix it ill keep on the motor search for the other and have 3 operational TBs Along with my AEAD200LE. Trying to rapidly expand my business and for what im doing the TB's Work awesome. If i can convert my AEAD To generate 240 instead of 120 it will be more useful then just the backup stick machine that can run my LN25.