I posted this on another forum also:

Anyone do much of this?

I was being a good neighbor and volunteered to help fix a guy's battery trays in his electric golf cart.

Originally I was going to use my first class Millermatic 252 to repair this, but after trying to clean some of the frame I was going to weld to, I realized that wasn't going to happen. Except for building the trays using the Mig, I had to weld them into the frame using my Miller Maxstar 150S stick welder.

Using 6011 rods, I was able to burn through the crap I wasn't able to clean off, and make a solid repair. Since the thickness of the material varied, due to varying degrees of rust, I would very occasionally burn through, and I would think, geeee..... what a POS this cart is......... and I know there are those on this forum who hate 6013 rods, but I was able to go back and fill those burn-thru's very nicely with those rods.

Sorry I don't have any pictures, but just wanted to share this experience. I personally would have trashed this cart, but my friend asked to do the best I could.