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    You rock bro! You make me piss my pants every time you post! Get that arm insured bud!

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    Default Show off your business cards!

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    seaford de


    Quote Originally Posted by drpipe:291995
    Business cards ... Haaa! That's old Skool .... I have my golden arm blown up too 500'x200' and proudly have it displayed hanging off the tallest building in town .... Oh yeah! I'm that good
    So what do ya do when people ask for a card?... send em down town to take a pic?

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    You guys are funnnneeee!

    My $.02 worth is that, as cheap and easy as business cards are to have on hand, it is a lot better to have a stash of them handy for when you are someplace where that "golden arm" can't be seen and you'd like someone to have your phone number and stuff!! If you don't get asked for them sometimes, then just keep the danged things in your wallet right next to that condom you never use or where ever. Me....if I had that golden arm in town, I'd put a picture of THAT on my card along with my contact info. It's be pretty hard to get hold of most people I see that have statues (or golden arms) in town somewhere without a phone number!!

    PS....yes, I am a smartass...a guy has to be good at SOMETHING and I have had a lot of time to work on that!!
    Don J
    Reno, NV

    Never pick a fight with an old guy. Old guys are too smart to fight and get hurt. They'll just kill you and get it over with.

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