I'm finally going to man up and buy a real saw. I'm tired of the dusty, loud, noisy chop saw. The chop saw just isn't accurate enough and is nearly impossible to get a square cut. I have a Milwaukee dry cut saw, works well but I can't cut stainless with it and it has almost taken my head off a few times. (operator error, not the machine's fault)

What would you guys recommend?

-14" cold saw w/ mitering capabilities


-Horizontal mitering band saw

My budget is ~$5000.

The biggest parts we cut would be 2x4" 11ga box tube. Most of what we cut is going to be 3" or smaller 0.065" stainless tube. We cut lots of mandrel bent tubing (exhaust and header fabrication) and need to be able to accurately miter cuts along a bend radius.

Can't afford both machines so I gotta make do with one for now! Thanks guys!