I am new to the forum, but have been a long-time admirer of many of your fab. projects. I scoured the forum for welding trailer ideas and what I tried to do was put together a trailer that fit my needs. I am a veterinarian by trade, but ever since high school shop class, I have loved to fabricate equipment. I have a strong agriculture background and help with the family farm when I have time. I built this rig to help with farm repairs and to oneday build pipe and cable corrals in the pastures we own.

I have been using it with a West Texas paint job for about a year and finally painted it last week. As you will note, it is not a Miller sitting on it, but I have a 250X I used for the construction of the project.

I wanted a skid mounted welder I could take off and slide in the back of a short bed pickup, which is why the welder and torch unit is so compact. The lower sliding drawer was something I really wanted to incoorpirate and it is working beautifully. Many of you will likely frown on my welding lead reels, but I am not a pipeline welder, nor am I a professional, and they work great for what I am doing. The table has a 1/2" top and below is a drawer where I keep my chop saw. I hope this helps anyone thinking about building a tailer or a skid.

Obviously a truck mouted welder would have been handier, however I didn't have a truck sitting around and with my luck it wouldn't start when I needed it. The fire extinguisher is the only thing missing and believe me it will be mounted soon.

Thanks again for sharing your information with all of us.