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    I have a few Certanium 718 rods. Had them so long I have forgotten what they were used for . Would they work for this . From what I see on line looks like they might.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpycricket View Post
    You never mentioned if it was in the annealed or hardened state. If the joint area isn't doing any work (trimming, forming), preheat to 500-600*f, weld with 7018, peen often (best with an air hammer) & let cool in still air. Only if it were a really large weldment would I post heat.
    I agree with this. never a problem

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    I weld Tool Steel all the time and find myself using Certanium or Euctectic (Castolin) Tool Steel rods. In most cases when to preheat, post heat, anealing, hardening all depend on how much weld you need to lay down and what the weld will be doing as well as the parent material. Always try to know what tool steel you are welding on. A good book to look into is called "Heat Treatment, Selection, And Application of Tool Steels". by Bill Bryson. It's a Modern Machine Shop Publication. There is an excellent chapter in it (Chapter 17) on Welding Tool Steels towards the back of the book.

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