Hey guys, Yes I could still put the radiant heat in the floor and no doubt its the best except in my situation, I like it warm when I'm here and we get times when we are out on a portable for days at a time and when I come home at night I may only be in the shop for a couple hours at night preping stuff for the next day so I think the radiant will work best for my situation.

SBerry. I also burn wood but am worried about the wood keeping up and there are times when I need it warm in a hurry and 65 degrees is where I like to keep it in the shop when I'm working.

So you agree with the idea of the heater being over the table.
I know when the shop is at 65 when we are working and its 20 degrees outside I'll pull the trucks and the hilo in when they have been sitting outside it takes the shop forever to heat back up so I was thinking the table would work in reverse.

Another note: I have 6 H-beams 12" tall x 30' long that are getting cemented into the floor, 2 inline with the frame of a truck, 2 will be 8' apart inline with the outside edge of a truck and 2 more that will be 3' off the edge of a truck so I will have a area approximately 15' x 30' that will be flat to work off or I can use them to straighten things.
The new addition will also have 4 bridge cranes, 2 bridges per truck bay.