I thoroughly enjoy seeing you all's work/projects here. I'm hoping to elicit some wild/entertaining work you've done in the past - whether it's an artistic piece or something nut-job-esk you've made as a functional addition to your tractor, pick-up, barbeque grill, child's braces (just kidding about the last - please don't post anything like that ...could see it now...."hey, looky here at what I welded to my girlfriends piercin.....")

Anyway - if you don't mind sharing, I like wasting away a lunch hour perusing here....share what you've done when you've been like.....WTF did I just do?

Thx in advance. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit selfish in looking for future ideas for home projects/future 1st welding class projects/things to make my wife scratch her head and wonder why she said 'yes' years ago....