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BD1 - oh no you didn't. maaaaaaan. I was FINALLY coming to terms w/not hunting for the 211...and that minimal $ was one of the biggest hurdles for me to overcome....there goes a month or so of self therapy in talking myself into the 180.....i'm just a hammerhead that is taking his first welding class next month (adult program at a local voc. school) as a hobbyist...

off to go find my therapy tapes to listen to again - now I think I want the 211 all over again!
You know YOU WANT ONE ! 211 ! I am not SORRY for posting that ! I'am sorry about hijacking the cart thread. There is a thread on another site where a guy is selling his 180 to buy a 211. The 110 volt feature alone will convince you. Admit
it, IT'S A DONE DEAL ! Please do not deprive YOURSELF of what you really want.