I need to bend some .90 wall 1" diameter steel tube 180 degrees with a 4 inch radius. I'll then weld it to the back end of a motorcycle frame for a fender mounting point, but it is not structural. It carries no weight and the original frame is not altered except that instead of the top two frame spars just terminating straight back, I want to add this piece to give it a nice rounded, finished appearance.

I have never had to bend pipe before, and I'm not sure to go about it. I cannot find anything to weld to a plate and use as a die that's large enough. Could I possibly make the die out of a hardwood, and then bend the tube with O/A heat? The commercially available benders are either very expensive, or do not seem like they will accomplish this type of bend. If I am wrong, please point me in the right direction.

On the other hand, does anyone know of pre bent steel available in these dimensions? Everything I've found has either been exhaust tubing, or when it's in 1" it's 45 degree bends or the wrong radius. The radius has to be spot on, as I have to match it to the existing two frame spars that are running parallel to each other.

Thanks in advance, hope I've explained this well enough.