Hey all,
I'll start by simply introducing myself, and giving you a background on my career in welding and fabrication. My name is Keyton Brewer, and I am 20 years old about to hit 21. I took 2 years of welding fabrication classes in highschool, attended the SkillsUSA IL State competition and finished 8th out of 48. I was in the National Technical Honor Society, maintained a 4.0GPA in all my welding/fab classes. I passed my qualification test for structural 3G and 4G SMAW 7018. Basically to sum it up, I love welding and learning more and more about welding.
When I graduated highschool I moved to California to help my father with his medical business, and then I eventually moved back to the midwest and am currently located in Indiana. I have worked at a trucking company and truck repair shop as a welder/fabricator and mechanic for two years.
Now that I am approaching 21, I am starting to look out for the rest of my life, and where I want to be in the next 5 years. Obviously I know I NEED to be doing something involved in the Welding Industry. I love the work and the people in the business. The reason I am on here, typing away is because I would like some advice from the experienced professionals on which way they would go.
I have been looking at heading to Tulsa, OK and attending the Tulsa Welding School for their Professional Welder and AOS programs. The past two years I have been setting money aside to go back to school, and now I am to the point where I think I can do it. My question is:
- Is TWS as good as it appears? I know its one of the big three...
- Is it worth $15k a course?
- Where can I go after completion?

I would like to end up in the Pipe Welding industry, this is something I have strived after since I started welding. I also believe it is something I can do, I just need more experience and skill under my belt. I know I need to start from the bottom, but where do I start, and where is the best location to go to? I am also interested in obtaining my CPWI, I feel it is something good to have on a resume, even if you are a welder?
Once completion of my schooling, what do I need to get started and where should I look to get started?

ALSO, if anyone is located around the Tulsa, OK area are there any welding shops looking for workers? I would like to find some part time, or full-time work while I am attending school.

Thank you for reading,
Keyton Brewer