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Thread: Coverall Design

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    Default Coverall Design

    Hello, I am industrial design student at Auburn University. Our current project is focused on coveralls. We are aiming to redesign the coverall to better suit the user. In order to achieve a better design, research is essential. I come to this forum in search of feedback from those of you who use or have used coveralls while welding. I greatly appreciate any and all feedback. Here are a few questions if you wish to follow this format:

    1. What do you do?
    2. How long do you wear coveralls?
    3. What are your tools?
    4. How is your mobility?
    5. How is your body temperature?
    6. What is you biggest complaint?

    Thank you for your time. Perhaps this research will lead to the production of coveralls that will enhance your working experience.
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    1. Pipe Welder
    2. We're issued them at work, I only wear them if I'm welding overhead. When I do wear them, 8 hours a day (fire retardant type)
    3. I carry all my tools in a toolbag: shield, needle gun, multiple grinders, weld rod, gauges
    4. I do a lot of climbing into small areas and they do get hung up occasionally, but not too bad. Mine seem like they dont have enough give in the arms, when I lift them up above my head they get pretty tight. Mine also have elastic in the lower back area that is not very comfortable at first, till they get broke in/ stretched out
    5. They do get fairly hot, I typically unzip them and roll up the sleeves when not working... but thats all part of the job.
    6. That they get so hot, and are universally made, meaning that I'm tall so I have to get a pretty large size so that they are long enough, but those are so baggy that they dont fit right. If I get a size that fits well in the chest, shoulders, and stomach area, they are way too short

    Hope this helps.... Go Dawgs! lol

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    Default Coveralls

    1. Farmer
    2. In the winter time all day, summer only for dirty jobs.
    3. I use the back pockets for everything: wrenches, rags, rods, hammers...
    In the front top pocket left side, I carry soap stone holder and pen, pencil,markers...
    I like the pockets that are sectioned off for pencils.
    The top right pocket needs a flap to keep sparks off your cell phone or reading glasses.
    Pockets on the sleeve and leg are a waste to me. Hammer loops are dangerous.
    I did have a mechanic that always carried a screwdriver and a 9/16 wrench in those pockets.
    Zippers on the back pockets just scrach your hands.
    4. When I was thinner I wore tall so I could reach over my head in comfort.
    Now regular works for comfort but I have to roll the pant legs up 6 inches or more.
    5. Here in central CA the temperature will drop to the low 30s at night, but by 10am the temperature is 45* and for me a tee shirt, long sleeve shirt (not flannel)
    and coveralls are perfect all day. In fact I like it.
    In the summer, like I said before only dirty, greasy jobs.
    6. Zippers on the rear pockets. Pockets that rip out with only a hand full of wenches. Or a hand full of welding rod/electrodes (sorry).
    JC Pennys used to have good coveralls, now they don't carry coveralls.
    I use ****ies(nick name for richard) now. A balance between longivity and zippers in the back.
    Good Luck,
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