hi everybody!
ive had a look around the forum and couldnt find a post referring to my problem so here goes...
i used to work for a race car constructor in the uk.when i left i bought a dialarc that was running on 2 phase power.my boss and the welder supplier both told me that i just needed to alter the plug wiring to get the machine to run on 3 phase power.that however,was 8 years ago! and im not sure i remember which wires to change and desperatly want to avoid any kind of meltdown!the machine was running fine in the factory but im too far out of my depth here to take a chance.from what i remember the wiring change was to be as follows...

2 phase plug wiring


3 phase plug wiring


my questions are,1.does this sound correct and plausible without altering any of the bridge bars inside the machine?
2.does anyone know if the manual for the DIALARC HF/HF-P is the same as my HF-E and if not does any one have the correct manual?(my serial no. is 0000094811)

i used this welder and some other heliarcs and loved them so much i had to take one with me when i left.thanks P.