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    Quote Originally Posted by Goose14 View Post
    Do I "mash" down on the pedal tp create an instant puddle or do I start off slowly

    Also im sharpeningy tingsten withfine grit flap disc and it doesnt seem to be balling up evenly but it does have a controled arc, whats thebest way to sharpen 2% thoriated tungsten
    You can start either way, but I roll into it. It is important to roll out when stopping to prevent cratering.

    Red tungsten will not ball up as well as 2% ceriated or 2% lanthanated.
    Personally I keep Red for DC, and ceriated and lanthanated for AC.

    For some reason 1.5% lanthanated self destructs as rapidly as Thoriated, so I been giving them out to the newbies to kill off on AC. Red is my all time favorite for steel.

    I use a belt sander to sharpen my tungstens, with a pencil like taper.
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