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    It looks good

    I see a lot of people using that type of mount for winches

    They have the rear one then install one on the front and another on there trailer also 3 mounts and only need one winch

    And yes a lot of welders go to the other welding web site and quite a few belong to the different tractor forums
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    Good design, welds need a bit more practice, see if you can find a local guy for a few lessons. Also, biggest problem with having multiple winch mounts and one winch, is that the winch is usually somewhere else when it is needed (usually 100 miles away, at home in the garage).

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    Yes, i so wish I had a teacher...teaching myself is hard.
    UTube is a lil help...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artisan View Post
    Frankly I was very surprised I only got one reply in this forum. Granted I am
    not here a lot myself. I would suggest that "restrictions" one runs into here
    play into why attendenance is low. Why only 4 pictures in any one thread?
    It does not make people "happy" and why? I mean personally I always reference
    a URL w/o saving the picture locally. If people do that why the restrictions? Lame, IMO.
    I tried to reply earlier on my phone but I guess it didn't take. I like it, it should be fine. After using it if something tweaks, bends or tears then reinforce it. I'm planning something similar

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    Very nice, well made and looks good. Keep posting your project on here, it's always appreciated.

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    Default paint removal

    What did you use to remove the paint on the receiver?

    I had a hitch welding project for my tractor, and used the paint remover you can buy at the local auto parts store but it didn't do a very good job.

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