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    Default using a blower to suck out fumes

    I just built a welding table with a plasma shoot, and I am thinking of using one of this puppies to suck out fumes, Anything i should worry about ?

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    Default using a blower to suck out fumes

    Yes a fire

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    Not sure if blower would be that advantageous for plasma cutting. You would have to draw out or explain your thoughts on it to win me over. If you were planning to run the fan in reverse to have it suck out the fumes, I could see the squirrel cage clogging up fairly quickly. Left as a blower you would need some sort of filter or you're going to be blowing plasma crud around your shop even more than you do now. Simple and easy method is to have a tray of water placed below the cutting area to catch the crud coming off the cut before it can spread to ever nook and cranny in your shop. Not sure which throws more junk out, all the grinders or the plasma cutter...they seem to run neck and neck.
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    Default blower

    I built a cutting shoot into my table the problem is when u cut above it gets full of smoke. I was thinking to blow all of it just outside. check this out

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    in one of the commercial properties that i had to manage had a sheet metal shop in it, they rigged up some thing similar to that blower inside some duct work, to remove the air in the grinding and clean up area, no body gave any thought to it, until a fire started from a spark, it became a roaring blaze, the fire dept said that all of the aluminum dust accumulated to a point where it became dangerous, i am no expert on ventilation, if i was to install a system for this environment, i would seek out a pro, having a fire like this was an eye opener,

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    That's not enough.

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