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These old. Welders were brought up without a digital display. And for that reason expect the same from the newer generation. I do just fine without the display. But I'm always curious about these details. l know theirs many variables .. & why hasn't anyone answered. My simple question instead of beating around the bush . Where could a get a plug & play voltage display to add on my Miller 211. Thanks.

Completely pointless to have, what can you look at the display while your welding, baically its just eye candy. You turn your machine to 17 volts, there is 17 volts there. What, you need a volt meter to verify it there? Besides your starting out with ocv anyways.

Its the guys that go out and buy a welder, then can't figure out how to use it. Thats why we get guys attempting to run mild steel or Aluminum wire off a CC power sourse. They don't have a clue. Or can't figure out why Straight Argon doesn't work for steel, or C25 for Aluminum. Then come here and whine about it. If you can't weld and have never taken even a basic welding course, we can't help you. Some of these questions are so bizzare, Its a wonder how the OP managed to get out of bed.