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    Default MM211 Voltage & wire speed dials?

    I just got this welder and i like it very much, however, i am use to dialing my own settings. I would like to be able to dial a setting without having to calculate the settings every time. is there a chart or overlay for the dials?

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    Default MM211 Voltage & wire speed dials?

    There should be a parameter chart on the inside of the machine on the door...

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    The settings on the inside of the door are great, however, they correspond to the dials. They still do not indicate amps which is what I am use to. I just thought there would be a supplement I could find that would show the amp correlating to the voltage & wire speed dials. Thanks for your reply.
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    Great idea and i would love one for my 211 but I think there are to many variables than just amperage and IPM so layover charts wouldnt work
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    Default MM211 dials

    The MM211 is a CV, constant voltage machine, you set the voltage, the amperage is controlled by the wire speed. I agree though, it would be nice to have a volt setting like my CP-200 does. Figure it this way since your voltage dial goes from 1-10 and the max open circuit voltage is 30V with 120V input, figure 3 volts per #, so 5 would = 15 volts etc. On 230V input the maximum open circuit voltage is 34V so figure 3.4V per #, or 5 would = 17volts. The wire speed dial is from 10 to 100 and the feed range is 60-440 IPM when feeding wire so figure 1=60 IPM and add 42 IPM for each additional factor of 10, so 30 = 144 IPM approx. Hope this helps.

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    Default Miller? Y'all can't help out here?

    Yeah, I'd really like to be able to know, at least close, what the dial settings are telling me in WFS and voltage. Just what is 5/40, in real terms??

    I like to use the Miller settings app as a learning tool but it's useless to me with my 211. I often find using the auto set feature ends up being too hot and I get burn through. So instead of knowing how much I'm cranking things down I'm reduced to guessing as I have to take it off auto set or home that just reducing the voltage knob is the right thing to do.

    Unit specs are:
    - 60 - 460 IPM
    - There are 9 increments of ten on the dial
    - Does that equate in any way to each increment being an additional 51 IPM?

    I have no idea what the voltage increments would be.

    I guess marketing decided that if we really want to know that kind of stuff we'd fork over the big bucks for a digital display??

    How about a chart Miller?? Surely y'all have someone in the office withnothing else to do and Excel on their workstation. :-)
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    Default I like the idea.

    I like the idea.
    Is there an aftermarket digital display that would work + look good. like it belongs with the machine.
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    What would it matter on this machine?

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    Come on Ed let's not confuse the issue with common sense LOL.

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    Yeah....when I first got my 211, this kind of bothered me, too. But...I got over it. Now, I just give whatever scraps I have from the job at hand a quick zap or two and adjust up or down from there. Works good. Lasts a long time. Tastes great!
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