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    Default Spot Welder NoT Welding

    Hello and thank you for reading my post.

    I have a miller ssw-2040-att spot welder which is 440 volts, 45 amps, single phase kva 20. I had my electrician run it through a transformer. I have it hooked up to a watermate 1A which is 115 volts, 5.5 amps and single phase as well. The spot welder turns on, and the everything seems to work except no weld is produced. I have turned the amperage all the way up and no change. I read another post which I think had a similar issue. Could it simply be the tips need to be changed? is there something else I should be considering?

    Thanks in advance.

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    First, do you hear the contactor pulling in? If not check the coolant pressure switch. I assume the tongs are coming down and the unit appears to have a weld cycle. Also check the switch on the front panel (setup/weld). make sure it is not in set up. With the switch in weld, place an insulator between the tongs and measure the AC voltage between during a weld cycle. should be between 2.4 to 3.75 volts.
    Depending on heat setting and line voltage, If you have weld voltage but it won't weld, Try removing the tips and cleaning them. Clean the contact area with the tongs. Press back in place and retry. If the tips leak use only a small amount of electronic heat sink compound and press back in place. Pipe dope and Teflon tape will insulate the tip. Check all weld circuit connections, even the tong clamps.
    Have made a bunch of spot welders work by just cleaning the tongs.
    Glenn 300 amp stick
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    Default thanks for your help

    Thank you for the help...turns out the weld timer is not working. We bypassed it and the spot welder is working great.

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