I am a 12 year member of United Association pipefitters Local 104 in Massachusetts. I weld pipe every day. Recently a friend passed and while helping his son clean house, we came across a miller 220 buzz box. this thing is close to being in A no.1 shape. His son told me his dad only used it a few times to thaw out frozen pipes in the house during extreme winters. He told me he remembers it way back to the 1970's and that it probably had less than 10 hours of working time on it, and that it hasn't been used for years and years. So for helping him that day he told me to take the machine and use it, which I plan on doing to make a project for him in return. Now the only thing wrong with this thing is some very slight surface rust on the cooling vents and a cracked lead connector at the box. Printed on the faceplate is ( Style HG-18 (maybe a model #) I am wondering if any one knows where I can get these original lead connectors. Both male and female. the cracked one on the machine looks like a red plastic donut ring. shrimpy in size. I am also intrested in locating an owners manual as well. Any ones help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!