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    Default Lifted F350 Custom Bumper Project Thread

    Hey everyone!! Thanks for the welcoming on my other thread...

    Anyway, this is one of my latest projects, its a dual build, front and back bumpers on an F350 pulling truck. The frame is all 1/2" plate, and the skin is made of 3/16" and 1/4" plate. Most of the welds are mig, which I ran using my Hobart 187 with L-56 SuperArc Lincoln wire, and the bumper frame welds are 7018, done with the Stickmate.

    I cut everything out using the Hypertherm Powermax 45, and pretty much started putting it together piece by piece, traced out with cardboard stencils.

    This is going to be my next video series, and here is part 1. I'll update the thread as I get the other parts edited and uploaded, but I really hope you guys enjoy this video!! Have a good weekend, YeeeeeeHaw!!

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    Welcome to the forum. I saw the vid on the other bumper you did. Are you out of school and doing this as a profession? What's your total material cost? Do you have insurance? Will you be getting it hot dip galvanized, I find it hard to stop any overlapped steel from rusting? Keep the vids going, pretty cool stuff

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    Thanks Kevin!! Heres the second part:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckE2009 View Post
    Thanks Kevin!! Heres the second part:

    Great job man its coming along, I look forward to the final video. What about paint what are yall doing?

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    i did a bumper for the front of my truck. haveing it work with the plow was the trick.100_0500.jpg
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    Is there a "Part 3" yet? You're doing good so far, but it would be more interesting if you left the camera speed normal during your actual fabrication parts so we could watch every step.

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