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    Default Where can i get a chart for ?

    Where can i get a chart for Tube inside of Tube sizes ? Need to telescope some tubing, can be mild steel or cr mo need to make some telscoping brackets, not for a race car. I saw one in a chassis book a couple of years ago but can"t seem to find it ? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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    When you find your size chart, keep this in mind:

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    Google Eastern Metal Supply.

    Will give a full breakdown for tube and pipe.
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    Not really up to date about tube, but I've pipelined for the last 14 yrs. and I know that they will only guarantee that 2 feet from each end of the pipe is round. meaning that the rest of the middle can be out of round and not being able to telescope anykind of pipe into it. And NO we don't telescope pipe on the pipeline, just for building pole rigup trucks.
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    Default Found it !

    Found it at the, clic on tubing, round chrome moly, then round diagram. Thanks for the replys.

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