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    Thanks MMW! Disconnected the 2 wires from the board and connected them together. Cranked her up and she started smoking a little from the generator. Didn't really smell electrical or like plastic.

    On a side note, the very first time I got the engine cranked it started smoking like that also. After a cool down and restart, it never did it again

    I shut it down and it continued to smoke for a few seconds, rats nest or leaves maybe? Anyway, gave it a chance to cool and cranked her back up. No smoke this time. .

    Selector on 75-250 A, voltage across SMAW terminals was 82V.
    Selector on 25-80 A, voltage was 125V.

    No AC power at receptacles. Breakers were okay. I flipped the contactor switch on and then back off (for no apparent reason). Still no power so I shut it down.

    Grabbed welding leads, hooked them up, started motor and NOTHING. No voltage across terminals at any setting. Took welding leads off and tried again, no voltage! F1 and F2 were okay.

    If the contactor were to stick in the on position, would it prevent voltage at terminals?

    One step forward, two steps back. Any ideas?

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Any time the factory smoke gets out it's not a good thing.

    The by-pass procedure shared by MMW simply turns a unit into a pre SN JG111773 machine by eliminating the PC3 Exciter Field Board from the control picture.

    Call Miller Customer Service Engine Drives and request a copy of the Technical Manual for your unit (give them the SN). It sounds like a shorted rotor (or stator) and the technical manual will walk you thru all the checks for both.

    Keep in mind the previous owner stated it didn't have any weld/auxiliary power output so you just inherited the original cause that you now have to figure out.

    Get the Technical Manual and it will eliminate 99% of the guess work.
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    Thanks Duane. I'll call them Monday morning. I only see one customer service number on their site, so I guess that's the one.

    You're right about inheriting the problem, that's why I bought it for basically the cost of the cables. I love dumpster diving

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    When I called Miller I asked for "engine drive tech support". They were awesome & walked me through it.
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