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    Default Trailblazer 250G restoration project... no power

    Hello everyone. I picked up a Miller Trailblazer 250G as a fixer upper.
    Serial # JG138621 Hours = 1800

    Seller said he bought it several years ago and the welder/power wasn't working. He never got around to working on it and when I got it, the motor wouldn't crank.

    Anyway, motor is now running great. New gas and new voltage regulator is all it needed. Engine idles nicely and when the switch is flipped, it revs to full power. I'm making no progress with the welder/generator. I'm getting no power with the welder or AC outlets.

    Here's where I'm at:
    Flip on power switch and the panel LED lights, and the exciter board (I think that's what it is) LED lights up. It looks to be a new board compared to the other boards. The outer coating of the large capacitor on this board looks like it has melted a little. After cranking, both LED's go out.

    Brushes look good; polished slip rings, resistance between slip rings looks good. Resistance between slip rings and ground = OL

    Main capacitor looks new. Ohms test shows ohms slowly rising up to about 4 M

    The one fuse on the panel looks good and all breakers are good. The other fuse is an inline fuse on a red wire which is disconnected. That loose wire, along with 2 loose black wires are on the left of the machine near the rectifiers.

    AC voltage across the 2 black wires is .5 V at idle, and approx 2 V at full RPM. I'm assuming these 2 wires go to the SCR bridge since the 2 AC terminals on it have nothing attached.

    It looks like 2 rectifiers below the SCR bridge. One of those has a terminal with nothing attached. I'm assuming the red wire w/ fuse attaches here. The red wire has no DC voltage on it.

    One of these rectifiers has a loose wire leaving it and heads toward the bundle of wires coming from the generator. It ends with a male plug. Coming out of that bundle of wires from the generator, is 2 loose wires. One has a male plug, one has female plug.

    The only manual I could find and reference is for models beginning w/ KA which are models with the AC option. Mine is DC only. I've attached a few pics of the back of the panel where the wires are loose.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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