First, I am new to the site, so if this has already been discussed forgive me. I tried searching through the forum with no success. I am looking for some general tips on welding. We are attempting to weld 3/4" thick, C70600 90/10 Cupro Nickel ends to a 1/2" regular steel shell.
What we are using:
AWS A5.14/SFA 5.14 ERNi-1(61) - wire
Miller 456P with 24A feeder - machine
75argon/25helium - gas
I have attached a few pictures of our better looking welds. Please feel free to critique.

We are new to welding this type of material. I was tasked to look for information on this process, so that I could help our welders out. We generally are welding steel to steel, so what type of tips would you give someone who is used to welding steel only?

I have been told that the copper nickel must be extremely clean, along with the steel you are welding to. Is there a certain cleaning agent that you use?





Again, not looking for someone to provide all the knowledge in the world, but any information is helpful! This metal is more common on either coast, but here in the Midwest it's not really common, so info is limited.