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    Default Stainless Countertop

    I'm considering going with SS countertop in my home kitchen. Instead of a "factory" finish, I'm leaning towards just ordering standard 2B finish, then hitting it with a flap disk in my 5" grinder to give it swirls. I have done that type of design many times before for other projects, and I see no reason why it can't be done for this. Do you see any problems with it? It makes it very easy to re-finish after some field welding, or if it gets damaged any time in the future. I'm thinking of going with 11-14ga material to facilitate welding and to minimize dents and distortion.
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    I usually use red scotchbrite wheels on my 7" grinder. Leaves a smoother finish but still able to blend it.
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    The big reason that food services use stainless is that it's easily cleaned.
    I would think about how cleanable (with just a damp sponge and some
    detergent/soap/...) the surface will be. If it's too rough, the nooks and
    crannies could be places where food, etc, gets into and not easily cleaned out.
    Then oils could get rancid, bacteria could start growing, etc, etc, all of
    which are Bad Things


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    Default Stainless Countertop

    Sounds great!!! I have stainless up in my kitchen behind stove be hind sink looks great. I did however use copper for countertop and rivets to secure it it looks real nice hardwood floors hickory hickory hand built cabinets black and stainless appliances and the stainless trim around walls with the copper counter tops to set it off Bam! And frank swirls a design don't hold food or bacteria I'm sure this guy was not going to gouge anything . This stuff cleans up great with an aerosol product called painless stainless

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    How do you keep your copper countertops from oxidizing or getting dinged or gouged being such a soft material? Sounds cool though.

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    Default Stainless Countertop

    I gave it a hammered finish then let it naturally oxidize then I cleaned it real well but did not take off oxidation and put a thick clear coat on

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