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Thread: Manhole Lids

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    Thanks for the ideas....the weed problem is not just an acre or so, it is about 40 acres just on the outskirts of the subdivision that the debris comes from. I am going to use #6 rebar and build some arches and rings that i will weld onto the manhole grate (storm drain) after I cut out the center. The Opening runs down into a series of box culverts (5' x 8') that kids love to hang out in, so i will need to be able to add a padlock onto as well.

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    You might want to try to get your spacing so that some commonly used rake or fork will fit into the spaces. Unless the wet weeds there are different from what they are here someone is going to still have to clean it out and the easier it cleans the better. Maybe smooth mild steel bars would be easier to clean than re-bar too. Just a thought. Although if the idea is to keep the weeds entirely out of the drainage system re-bar will probably trap more stuff. Good luck.

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