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    Default All Terrain Welding Cart

    Please excuse me if this has been ask too many time, I'm new to this group and still looking around.

    I'm looking from some plans for an all terrain welding cart.

    I have 3 buildings on a few acres of property and I'm always moving my Millermatic 175 somewhere. I have about 150 feet of "SO" 6/3 cable that I can plug in and get to just about anywhere I need to do work.

    Right now I'm using a Harbor Freight "Red Wagon" to move the welder around the property, but it's just not the right tool for the job.

    The "Red Wagon" is too narrow and wants to tip over when I'm trying to cross some of the property. It also limits the ability to open the door to make adjustments or change out the wire. I've been using mostly flux core wire since I'm welding outdoors, but I'd like to be able to move the bottle too.
    I could also add more features, but right now I need something to move the welder, bottle, and maybe carry the 6/3 extension cord (it's heavy).

    The project would be best if it was wide, and low to the ground, but not too wide to fit though a door, or to low not to be able to go over a curb or some rough ground.

    I found one for sale; I contacted the people selling it, but never hear a reply.

    A second one I found didn't offer any steering, so I'm not sure how well it would work:

    Thanks in advance for any help-

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    Sep 2002
    Clark County, NV


    I made mine out of the green flat wagon from Harbor Freight. Strapped a sideways bottle when needed for GMAW, but mostly that work is FCAW anyway for me. I even drug a MM175 around as well. I also bolted down a tool box on the same cart. I had no issues with stability with that set-up.

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    Thumbs up Plans?

    You don't need plans. Just whip out your tape measure and a pile of scrap and get to weldin'. This way you get what YOU want.

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    Default Maybe not plans..

    I guess I'm not really looking for plans, but more Ideas.

    I'm pretty new to world of welding. I took a class last year at the local community college and then bought my MM 175 used on a deal I couldn't pass up. I still hope to find a good deal on a AC/DC stick welder. I'd love to get a Maxstar so I could lean to TIG weld next semester, but right now It's a little out of my price range. But while I'm wishing, if I had a MM Passport, I wouldn't need to build a welding cart.

    Anyway, since I'm pretty new to this, my pile of steel is still pretty small. I have a few pieces that I used to build a frame for a gate, and some other stuff people have given to me. If I have a good idea what I'm going to build, I'll have better luck when I head out shopping for Steel.


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    Default Apology

    I think my first reply sounded a little harsh. It was not meant to be.
    I was just trying to say the most gratifying thing about making something is designing and then creating your design. You already seem to know what you want, so you must have a vision. Put your vision on paper and then figure out your materials. Find some old lawn tractor and canabalize the wheels and axle. The rest is metal scrap or the start of your new metal bone yard. Since you already have the cart, all you need to do is frame it up. Keep the wheels at a nice wide stance with low center of gravity but keep your ground clearance.

    Somewhere I read the phrase:
    Just can't seem to remember where??

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    ihojeff Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by miata2k
    I found one for sale; I contacted the people selling it, but never hear a reply.

    I am Jeff Ismail, owner of IH Only North which sells All Terrain Carts. I am also the inventor of this product. Sorry for not getting back to you. I changed hosts for my website earlier this year and lost quite a few emails. Anyhow, everything is back working againg so feel free to contact me for any info on my all terrain welding cart. Or email me dirrect at or or call 916-652-4706. The carts sell for $359.95 plus shipping. I have a fresh batch of 100 coming next month. Next batch will have blue ones similiar to the color of Miller welders.

    I'm new to this site so if I need permission to **** my cart please let me know as I have no problem paying for advertising here. Don't want to step on any toes with ny first post here.

    Jeff Ismail
    IH Only North
    All Terrain Carts

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    Sep 2005


    My personal feelings on this is all selling of goods should be done through ones private e-mail not advertised on a projects forum. With the exception of the host.
    Not to mention, if your product is good, someone will post your site.
    No anymosity, just my 2c.

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    May 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by miata2k
    ... my pile of steel is still pretty small. I have a few pieces that I used to build a frame for a gate, and some other stuff people have given to me. If I have a good idea what I'm going to build, I'll have better luck when I head out shopping for Steel.


    I'm a hack hobbyist. Go to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore if you got one and you'll find all sorts of steel for next to nothing. Sometimes they just say, 'take it.' I got 2 bedframes yesterday. Also go to a dumpster dropoff in the county on Saturday and people drop off all sorts of stuff. Most landfills now have a swapshop of stuff they think people will haul away. Great source for metal, particular if you need a dead gas grill for a cutting table (per Vicegrip at Hobart Weldtalk) or black pipe, etc.

    Take an hacksaw with you to cut it down to fit in the vehicle if you dont have a p.u. I just put the seats down in my old Subaru wagon and I can get a 10' length in and still close the back.

    Granted and caution this kind of steel is mystery-meat sometimes, but for me it free or nearly and suitable to my needs. If I need something good, I buy from the local supplier.

    My wife asked the other day, How big is that pile gonna get?

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    Default Shopping at the Restore.


    Well I headed out to our local Restore. I was really looking for some cabinets for our dog rescue, and free steel, but sitting inside the door I spotted a familiar looking red box. I started to inquire about the red box. The man running the show said it was just dropped off and the person that donated it said he was using it last week. I ask to try it out and they gave me the go ahead. So a little tinkering to get the right plug and bam! Works like a champ.

    What I found was a older Lincoln AC/DC 225/125 stick machine. Even though the past owner said he used it just last week, I don't really believe it. The Ground clamp and Stinger holder were both brand new still in the bag. The machine was cover in dust and dirt, but still had a bow tied to it. The leads showed no sign of ever being attached to anything. I'm guessing it was a gift that was never used. I'm quite happy with my new/old $75 welder.

    I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer to break down and buy that Maxstar.

    Thanks for the advice,

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    Jul 2006

    Default All terrain welding cart

    I used a junked riding mower to build a cart for my Lincoln Weld-n-power 220. I pull it around with a 4-wheeler. Just attach a handle to the steering linkages and strip the frame.

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