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    Default Scrap Parts...

    Quote Originally Posted by HILRUNR
    I used a junked riding mower to build a cart for my Lincoln Weld-n-power 220. I pull it around with a 4-wheeler. Just attach a handle to the steering linkages and strip the frame.
    Maybe it's just me, but I don't usually have access to things like junked riding mowers or piles of steel. Where do you guys get all of this stuff, and where do you keep it until your ready to use it?!?! My better half would have a fit if we just had piles of stuff lying around that you could see from the driveway or street. I still hear about how ugly my 40' shipping container looks to visitors, and its hiding behind a fence and some trees. (Maybe I just need to paint it the same color as the field behind it.)

    I did however find some scrap angle and some wheels so I'll be tinkering this weekend on some type of cart. Right after I weld up the frame for my gate.


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    You know want you don't want (Red Wagon) and you know what you need.The next step should be easy - design what you want and fabricate it. Once completed - share your project with the rest of us.


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    A little off the subject of building the cart---- but......... As far as the comment about hauling 10' lengths in the Subaru with the seats down. I have used a "Ru" wagon for my econo-material hauler for years- I made a removable front rack and haul all my lengths up top. Able to hual the 20 footers as long as they are not too thin and flimsy, if they are I just pick up a piece of angle and bungee them togeather in a few spots and strap it to the rack. 33 m.p.g. - $600 heavy hauler. I have built about 20 of these types of racks for the local hanggliding people who haul their gliders on their roof racks.
    thought people may find it interesting????? or maybe not ?

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    Default Ru

    Dan, I'm from the country and I don't know what RU is..can you explain?
    Thanks, Farris
    Gone But Never Forgotten!

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    Su ba RU

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    Default ok!!

    Quote Originally Posted by teknition View Post
    Su ba RU
    OK!!I didn't get it but now that you explained i see that i should have *LOL*
    Thanks, Farris
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    i had the same problem as you do, too much yard not enough concreet under my welder.
    i got one of the garden wagons from walmart or tractor suply with the drop down sides and took off the sides and built a welder suport system on that. even added a droor to it to keep lil stuff in. here are a few pic's to get you some idea's to play with
    hope it helps.
    first pic is it with my tig on top, 2nd pic is it with the removable O/A setup on the back part. i use nylon 1" straps with D rings (like a motorcycle helmit ) to hold every thing in place. 3rd is the O/A setup off the cart, the O/A cart sits on the back and is held in place with pins. i will look for some better pic's but i have been using this cart for 5+ years now. so i knoe i have some better pic's
    4th just fond this one its a little more empty so you can get a beter look at the cart, the front has a cradle of sorts to strap in a bottle and the top platform was made with 3/4" angle with the L used as a ledge to keep stuff from rooling of if it was not level. i also sprayed the top and the inside of the droor with truck bed liner (like ryno liner) to make it durable and rust free.
    the best part about having a welder is not needing to spend $350.00 on some thing to hold it. his carts look nice but a bit over the top and way to high priced. just think about what you want it to do. make a quick ruff drawing of it look at it a bit and see if you see any thing you want to change, if not get out and build it. after all you can weld so if you decide later it needs to be a little diferent or get another welder you want it to carry, no biggy cut it up and start over, or just add a little here and there as needed. have some fun with it, dont be afraid to screw it up. you have a welder and a saw you can fix it.
    BTW; the droor was made from some sheet i had laying around, good chance to work on your corner welds on thin stuff.
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    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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