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I used a junked riding mower to build a cart for my Lincoln Weld-n-power 220. I pull it around with a 4-wheeler. Just attach a handle to the steering linkages and strip the frame.
Maybe it's just me, but I don't usually have access to things like junked riding mowers or piles of steel. Where do you guys get all of this stuff, and where do you keep it until your ready to use it?!?! My better half would have a fit if we just had piles of stuff lying around that you could see from the driveway or street. I still hear about how ugly my 40' shipping container looks to visitors, and its hiding behind a fence and some trees. (Maybe I just need to paint it the same color as the field behind it.)

I did however find some scrap angle and some wheels so I'll be tinkering this weekend on some type of cart. Right after I weld up the frame for my gate.