I'm building a small welding table and ordered a piece of 1/2" plate 2' x 4' from the local supplier. The first plate they sent was crowned 3/16 on the 4' dimension so they replaced with a second drop. It's the same way and I assumed it was created by the heat from cutting off this drop. I'd like to get it as flat as possible before tacking to the frame.
Read some posts on here and last night I clamped the piece down to the frame and ran about 10 beads 3" long on the crowned side as was illustrated. Kept my voltage on the low side to not go overboard. It didn't have much effect on the crown I was trying to correct on the 4' dimension. I now have about a 3/16" crown (where I started) on the 4' dimension and a 3/8" crown on the 2' dimension. Can anyone offer any suggestions on what I can do to get this piece flat? I'm going to use a rosebud this time as it's a pita grinding off the beads. Also, should I clamp as before (think this might have caused the crown on the 2' dimension) or just let it "float" on top of the frame. Or, should I just forget trying to get it flat, tack down to the frame and start using?
Thanks for your input.