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Any 11 year old will to set up and use the Dynasty280 base model.

I still don't see how that will make it superior? As most everyone here isn't a beginner or hobby welder that is a moot point I would think. I'm sure that will be a good selling point for some HOWEVER for me why would I want to make welding any easier for someone to come along and yesterday they were flipping burgers and today they are taking business out of my door because they have NO CLUE what they are doing and as we all know in today's world people mostly shop price on everything. So this guy thinks he's a welder and starts taking in work at a price that anyone that's a real welder with an established shop and a skill set that knows the amount of prep work etc that's required to weld the job properly can't match. We end up with a lot of stuff out there improperly welded causing people to get hurt when it fails at the most inopertune time and place. That feature to me is BAD for the welding trade NOT GOOD ! Kinda like PVC pipe killed the plumbing trade because anyone with a hack saw and can of glue could do it now.. SAME THING! How many houses across the United States are improperly plumbed because of that fact alone? More than we can count. When the skill set was taken away to actually install the pipe and made where any 11 year old could do it the craft suffered!! Welding is no different.. If you're going to be welding for a living you should know what all those knobs and adjustments do. That's what makes a man or woman a professional at their craft! I realize Miller is doing this with the best of intentions but the end result will be the worst of outcomes! Just yesterday I was a short order cook and today I is a welder mentality will prevail from this type of improvement..