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I got to test drive the 280. There are 2 versions of the 280, the 280 basic, and the 280DX.

The DX model has all the parameter functions available for adjusting on the fly, like the 350 has. I believe it has the SD interface also.

The basic has a user panel just like the Diversion. You set the metal, then thickness, and the machine does all the rest for you. The SD card will open up a whole new universe for welding IMO.

The extra 80 amps over the 200 makes a huge difference, not as big as the 350, but amazing all the same.
How will an SD slot make a difference? I understand it may possibly open up the ability of future updates to the software if Miller sees fit to do so, but what else do you think it will allow? I'm not arguing at all just curious.. My biggest complaint about the 350 is size but it's A LOT of welding machine and although I would really love it if it were smaller like the 280. I wouldn't be willing to give up an once of reliability if making it smaller meant making the machine less durable.