The backstop has deflected approx 1- 1/4" and I need to remedy it. Bracing is needed but where? The backstop is 3/4' of unknown grade.

The cylinder is a 5" dia. with 2.5'' ram so it's exerting a lot of force. I think the backstop was too high to begin with and along with a powerful cylinder and large wedge was too much.

I'll bend it back using retracting force and a HEAVY chain but then what?

I suppose reducing the height of the backstop and making a more efficient wedge that's lower will help keep it from happening again. No, I did not make this. The wedge is sharp.

ANY ideas would greatly be appreciated.

*The backstop is 10" high (measured from the top of the i-beam) and 11.5" wide.
*the wedge is 10" high