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Ok, after xmas (got enough .045 211 to last till Jan next year) but I will see if my LWS has some 21B, don'tcha feel all warm & fuzzy now
Nothing wrong with 211, IMO. Some guys don't like it, but I believe it is just fine. I just like the 21B better and I bet you would as well. It just lays down nicer than the 211. The flux is easier to remove as well. The 211 and 21B are both 71T-11 wires, so they act relatively similar....relatively. The 21B is just more forgiving and smoother. Either one of those two are fine....they are loads and tons better than the 71T-GS wires like the Fabshield 23. That stuff is just junk. I have a roll on my MM135 right now. I may just pitch it out the door one day. I have a 2# 211 that will take its place. I just bought a 30# roll of 1/16 21B and am almost finished with a 10# roll of .045. My .035 is 211 though.

hey, if you can, try out the NR-212. I liked it better than the 211 as well. It is different from the 211. IMO, the beads look better. It supposedly has more nickel in it than the 211. Maybe that is what makes it nicer, dunno.