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    Quote Originally Posted by JTMcC View Post
    Well it's a lot more complicated than that.
    Most states adopt fed dot regs, some will add or modify a bit. So it really doesn't vary state to atate.
    But fed dot is fairly plain. Under 600 lb product can be horizontal, over 600 lb product has to be transported upright. Product weight doesn't include cylinder.

    For at least 30 years, different states have been writing those tickets to people who have way less than the 600 lb of product on board. I've seen the fines as high as $2000. Those tickets won't hold up but they make quite a bit of income before it all shakes out.

    Cylinders can go down the highway, legaly, with gages on. They just have to have a cover or be in a cabinet. MSHA will let you drive with gages if you have a cover.

    But dot is only one agency to take into account. OSHA and MSHA will both fine for horizontal cylinders. So even if you're legal on the road you can get hit on site. There are quite a few sets of rule$ to take into account.
    Most large GC's have their own hid deep in the safety manual, a lot of project owners have their own. Those can differ from both dot/msha/osha.


    I'd agree that the rack in the pictures would bring you all kinds of grief in a roadside visit with a dot cop.
    I have driven by DOT with this setup. I agree the cylinders should be secured higher up, but the ARE secured with this setup. DOT looks for them laying down, and not secured.

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    That things useless throw it away.JMO.

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    USAF gaseous servicing cart. Air-transportable, both nitrogen and oxygen versions in service.
    Note the cage, phenolic strips to protect cylinders, etc.


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    Default It won't pass the Blizard Test

    Quote Originally Posted by admweld View Post
    That things useless throw it away.JMO.
    I have wood saddles that I carry my cylinders with, as well as other long round objects. I have enough tie down points I can put two straps across the cylinders. Our DOT guys are more worried about unsecured loads, especially in the event of a rollover. The OP's rack will not pass that test.

    Legality of carrying a cylinder horizontal, this is the first I have ever heard of this. Without Annotated Code or Ordinance Code Reference, citing legality is purely conjecture. Now, it may not be illegal but it is the most stupid thing one can do, carrying flammable or explosive gas bottles in a passenger compartment or cargo compartment that is equipped with electric actuated locks. Seen to many aftermath photos of an acetylene cylinder in a car truck or pickup cab and BOOM when the electric lock is hit or the ignition key is turned. Had a school district maintenance employee recently killed because he left acetylene bottles in the cab of his pickup overnight. His pickup exploded and he was killed in the resulting fire. This happened about a month ago in Hereford, TX; I read about it in State News in my local paper.
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    Nice and simple im building one! Thanks bro


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    Quote Originally Posted by csedan510 View Post
    in theory, i like the concept but those taller bottles i would want to support from higher up too.
    It is also a bit scary in the event of a rear ender...
    good point on rear ender!


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    Default Horizontal is legal

    Federal Haz Mat regs dictate the transportation of class 2 haz mat (gasses).

    177.834 (a) states:
    Any package containing any hazardous material, not permanently attached to a motor vehicle, must be secured against shifting, including relative motion between packages, within the vehicle on which it is being transported, under conditions normally incident to transportation. Packages having valves or other fittings must be loaded in a manner to minimize the likelihood of damage during transportation.

    177.840 ( this is the important one. )
    Floors or platform essentially flat. Cylinders containing Class 2 (gases) materials shall not be loaded onto any part of the floor or platform of any motor vehicle which is not essentially flat; cylinders containing Class 2 (gases) materials may be loaded onto any motor vehicle not having a floor or platform only if such motor vehicle be equipped with suitable racks having adequate means for securing such cylinders in place therein. Nothing contained in this section shall be so construed as to prohibit the loading of such cylinders on any motor vehicle having a floor or platform and racks as hereinbefore described.

    Cylinders containing Class 2 gases must be securely restrained in an upright or horizontal position, loaded in racks, or packed in boxes or crates to prevent the cylinders from being shifted, overturned or ejected from the motor vehicle under normal transportation conditions. A pressure relief device, when installed, must be in communication with the vapor space of a cylinder containing a Division 2.1 (flammable gas) material.

    In summary; cylinders maybe transported upright or horizontally. In either position they MUST be secure. Also states can not make regs that are more or less strict. I once had a 100# propane tank filled, laid it down. The lady told me I had to stand it up or she was going to call the law. She was wrong she got fired!

    If your wondering I've been transporting haz-mat for last 10 yrs qualified for the last 20 yrs. I transport the deadliest materials that can hauled. ( No I'm not bragging)


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    I use a 1/2 sheet of 1/2 inch plywood with 2x6s screwed to it every 12 inches lay it in my truck bed and bungie tie and strap over and around the bottles and never have a problem, slides in and out real easy. Carry 4 bottles real easy and safe.

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