I have a question about which gear to use and what you think my chances of success are welding an aluminum speedboat.

I have a friend who badly smashed up an aluminum speedboat. He's willing to buy the gear needed to weld it. We're shopping for gear in a small town in Venezuela so there's not a lot of choice of machines. But there is a MIG and a TIG machine for sale, and I beleive there's a place that has argon gas.

I've never MIG or TIG welded but I have some field experience with stick welding.

My friend did find a MIG and a TIG machine for sale, though the owner says "they won't weld aluminum". What are the requirements for a MIG or TIG machine for welding thin aluminum? I've seen very expensive and fancy units demonstrated on YouTube welding Coke cans. I certainly won't be able to get a machine like that.

My friend is going to get the model number of the machines for sale and I'll post them when I have them.

So what are my chances of being successful starting out with MIG or TIG with possibly less than ideal gear on an aluminum speedboat? What's your gut feeling?

Any input would be appreciated!