I'm going to do an addition onto my existing welding shop, My shop now is 38' x 40' with a 16' ceiling, My addition is going to be 40' x 80' with 18' ceilings.

My existing cranes are single phase on a hand pulled bridge, but the new cranes are going to have to span approximately 37'-6" which is to big to be pulling up and down the runway.

Since its alot easier finding used 3 phase powered bridge cranes and next to impossible to find a single phase powered bridge I need to install a phase converter.

Can I use a static phase converter for the crane ( Which I dont think I can ) or do I have to use a rotary.

I know that pumps cant run on static phase converters and I would assume a crane would be the same.
I currently have a static converter for the drill press which has worked great for the last 6 years.