Sorry for the title but I am so frustrated with Miller right now!

A little back ground of myself and my equipment.

I have been in the fab business now 36 years, ran just about ever machine made, stick, mig and tig. This year I got a very nice contract to build some components for our military and decided it was time to upgrade all of my welders and plasma cutter.

I went to my local Airgas and bought the following:

1) Miller 350P Mig with a XR pro and Mig gun
2) Miller 350 LX Tig
3) Miller 211 with series 100 spool gun
4) Miller 875 Plasma

Needless to say it was a chunk of change, but I am fine with that.

Now then, I have fought the 350P now as long as I can and it was returned to Airgas for repair, one day it runs as bad-ass as it gets and perfect as its advertised, the next day its a PITA, thats another story.

However the Miller Rep. did come out, did not have a clue what he was looking at and didn't even bring a hood with him! But was sure trying to sell me a new Miller welding jacket!

Its all good thought, I have a Brand new 211 that works like a dream on steel, so I will hook up the spool-gun that I have never taken out of the box and use it while my 350P is in the shop.

I am working on an aluminum project that is all 5086 tube and sheet. the tube 1/4" and the sheet 1/8", I take the spool gun out of the box, hook it up, try a test coupon, 1/8" sheet to 1/8" sheet in a flat fillet position, look at their little chart inside the door for a starting point, which is 5.5V/65w, **** near blew the tip off.

All is good though, its just a starting point... So after a little adjusting I have ended up with 5.5V/100w, AND THATS ON 1/8"material!!!

There is no way in **** MY machine could weld anything thicker.

I tried to weld a piece of 1/8" to the 1/4" tube, it just balled right up... It has more voltage but I'm tapped out on wire speed.

Here is what where I'm at with wire and gas:

100% pure Argon
Gas is 22 CFH
.035 5356

I'm **** near ready to have my local Miller dealer come pick all this crap up and refund my money!

OK, so Rant over!

Those of you that have this combination were are you running at for this given material thickness?

Unique Metalcraft Inc.