One of the reasons I even have a tig is I paid 1 or 200 for a 300 synch and it came with a set of drawings and a problem someone had mis diagnosed. I tipped my TV repair man a hundred bucks to figure out what the problem was and fix the board which I am sure was a replacement as it was. The finish on this machine was scuffed and a few dents from sitting around small shops all its life running dinky little parts on occasion. Who knows if someone underpowered it? The cord was light and I don't recall what voltage it was wired at when I got it.

The posts above always make me cringe, I wonder about my Maxstar, ha, I am sure they sold as many of these units that see very little hours in their lives as they sell where they work them like rented mules. If a guy buys one to wax it and last a good long time he could get burnt.

Same thing went thru my head when I give up 200 to get my tig, at the rate I needed it figure once I got it fixed it last a good long time too, its paid off, hd to replace a rotten gas hose and a couple collets. Fix a switch. I used it a bit first few years I had it, now it sits, a new one would have cost, as it is this one cost 20$ a year for last 15 yrs.

A small wire feed in my shop is a different matter. It would earn its cost multiples every year, not worth any effort not to buy a new one. I understand the talk of machines in general, the interest in neat stuff but the compact 175-200 class wire feeder is hands down the most impressive welding machine ever made, right up there is a AC/DC buzzer. The amount of work they have done compared to the cost, you could follow this down to interest, depreciation, initial cost, life cycle is astoundiwouldn't wouldnt buy a tig today for hobby or even small welding work unless I had a demanding specialty, I would hire a bud to do the rare couldn't couldnt get by some other way and call it a day, at the end of 10 yrs would have about 500$ in the whole deal vs a 4K machine sitting around. The otwouldn't wouldnt be without, would go in to a hyperventilating panic should one break.