Since the "Dynasty 200DX Hand Control" thread was closed prematurely and we still have no input or appearence from the promised Weldcraft representative

I have moved the gist of that facet over here to a new thread... maybe we can get some resolution to this on this thread.....

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We've shared this thread with our associates at Weldcraft who are sorry to hear about your frustration. Please let us know any torch related questions you may have and we'll get a product expert from Weldcraft to answer them for you ASAP

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I did send an inquiry to Weldcraft yesterday about LS-17 literature being available.... and got a rather strange response... rather myopic at best to exclude a popular torch line from internet exposure... kinda like GM excluding Buicks because they have "dedicated".. their site to Chevrolet... hope somebody from Weldcraft could explain this rather strange response by their customer service dept.... do they not want to sell them?? here is my their email... followed by my original inquiry..

Thank you for your inquiry with Weldcraft.

We do not have immediate plans to include our Legacy Series TIG Torches on . We have committed to our Weldcraft "WP" Series and Crafter Series TIG torches and accessories. Our Weldcraft products are well known in the welding industry around the world for performance, quality and are manufactured in Appleton WI. We hope you can understand our position to focus on our Weldcraft brand of TIG Torches and Accessories as our primary offering for TIG products.

We receive occasional inquiries for LS17 literature, and fulfill each inquiry upon request received with either the Owner's Manual you have referenced or the attached spec sheet. We apologize for any difficulties that this may cause in locating the LS series information.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Best Regards

Weldcraft Customer Service

Weldcraft an ITW Company
2741 N. Roemer Road
Appleton, WI 54911
920.882.6800 Tel
920.882.6840 Fax

Monday - Friday 7:00am CST - 5:00pm

My (H80N) immediate previous post:

That LS-17 takes a little bit of getting used to but once you get used to it... it is very slick... especially in tight and awkward places...

the manual for it STILL does not appear to be online yet..... I have sent them numerous emails over the last couple of years....


here is the document number for it...

OM-235 816A/multi 2007-12

maybe they can email it to you... if you can wake anybody over there... they build great product but their people are not terribly responsive.....
it is an ITW company... so the lack of enthusiasm is surprising...
sent them another email about it today....

here is the contact link

ADDITIONALLY: I had been hoping that they would introduce an "LS-20" water cooled version of it.... they would sell a million of them.... but so far my inquiries on that whole line has met deaf ears....
would not take a brain surgeon to flip the parts around at the factory.... but so far no interest..............

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