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I kinda dropped back after the OP's incessant b1tching began, but his "closing rant" kinda set me off.

Some observations:

OP is really full of himself. Definitely a superiority complex in play here. Seems to feel that all others are inferior intellectually to him.

Of course, he fails to realize that only a dumbazz would expect to get satisfactory results with a finger control using what I suspect were mig gloves.

I really wonder if he understands the use of the sequencer on the Dynasty. Of course, he'll probably complain that that feature wasn't "fully explained" to him either.

I'm sure the OP won't have any trouble mastering tig welding, since HE ALREADY KNOWS IT ALL.

The OP was having obvious problems and asked for help.... however when people tried to help... they were met with derision.... odd behavior.... at best...

the sequencer programming should be interesting... but not a problem for one so gifted... I suppose..????