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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Stang View Post
    I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong area. My girlfriend just inherited her fathers welder. It is a MillerMatic 35. I have no idea about one this old. I am teaching her to weld, starting with mig, then tig! How do I clean the dirt dawbers and wasp nest out without damaging the machine? This machine was bought on the 70s-but it has serious sentimental value to my little buddy
    I copied and moved this over to it's own thread so it can get proper attention..

    see it under "Stang"s MM-35" in the general discussion area..

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    Default Cleaning oxidizing around aluminum welds

    Hi, I am brand new to this forum and not sure if I am in the right place to ask this question. I weld 3003 .090 aluminum with a 4043 filler rod and get a white oxidizing on the sides of the weld, does any one know how to clean this? I would really appreciate some help, new to TIG welding. Thank you - Gary

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    Hello from east side of Canada !! , i am looking foward to try my new to me MM211 , and gathering the most information here ,since i don 't weld for leaving ,(electrician), i am a garage warrior
    I will try my best to be understood


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    Default willy come lately

    Hey everybody, Ive been lurkin around here for a little while, adding comments here and there you know just pokin around (on my phone). I frequent the Miller site quite often(on my comp.), I love to weld, it never really dawned on me to visit the new member forum until After I read all the posts in the legendary "YMBAWI" thread. So... kudos to everyone who visits and I love the site.
    And thanks for having me, I know its a little late

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    Old lurker of the forum here but just now registered to post questions.

    Been getting bids together for two weeks on a new Dynasty 350 for work around the shop. Novice tig welder with light experience with the dynasty 350.

    I can't wait to learn more on that machine.


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    Default deposition efficiency

    I am in welding school and don't quite understand the meaning of deposition efficiency. I know it is the relationship of the weight of the weld metal deposited to the weight of the electrode or wire. And after each pass the slag must be removed or you lose deposition efficiency. But I don't really understand what that means. Any easier way to explain?
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