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If you have a technical question it is best to post the problems you are having with the unit and please post a serial#, so that we (Miller CST welder techs) can go to the private tech sites, be it Miller, Lincoln, or where ever and pull up the correct diagrams.

This is a free service to you, so give us as much information as you can. May save you alot of coin.
Hello cruizer, I believe it was you who replied to my original post a few months back but I wasn't able to find it on this forum anymore. I did not include the serial# of my machine; LE119717. Per your instructions I checked the resistance of the drive motor which was 17.1 ohms, but I don't remember what you said it's supposed to be. In addition, I checked the voltage at the drive motor connector and while activating the gun trigger I got .202 VAC with the motor disconnected and .0001 VAC with it plugged in. Does this indicate a bad motor? The motor runs connected to 12VDC, and I already replaced the main PC board. ( the price of listening to a friend who thought they knew what they were talking about).